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Text, Layout, Illustration,



Co Autor, Layout -

Beatrice Siegl

Supervisor -

Karl Stocker

My bachelors thesis, "Stigma." adresses

the topic of the negative stigma on mental illness and how exhibition design can be used to work against this problem.

The thesis was created by me and my colleague, Beatrice Siegl. 

The theme of this thesis regards mental health, and in our case mostly about the negative stigmatization laid on it. Mental health is topic that is extremely important to me, which is why I decided to dedicate my thesis towards this topic. 

This thesis was written and designed by myself and my colleague, Beatrice Siegl, so it's basically two books in one. They were written independently from each other, but should be seen as two parts of a whole. 

From the design of this thesis we were equally responsible for text, layout, illustrations, as well as the research and concept of the exhibition design. 

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