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stick to you

App Design, UX/UI Design, Social & Sustainable Design



Bettina Janisch,

Ijob Brandstätter, Magdalena Samonigg, Jasmin Schmudermaier, Lotte Quattember

"Stick to you" ist the concept of an app designed to help users keep track of their mental health, provide daily good news, positive affirmations and let them interact with other users anonymously. 

Mental Health is a huge an extremely important topic to me. Sadly, like many other topics, this one is still frowned upon in todays "Hustle Culture". 

This project was part of the course "Social and Sustainable Design" at FH JOANNEUM and the first project in the first semester of distance learning. Through communicating with each other and our peers, we noticed how much our mental health had decreased in the first weeks of lockdown and could only imagine how many others were feeling the same as we were. 

As a result, we figured that a mental health app seemed suitable.

The App includes features like:

- Moodtracker

- Diary function

- Sticker album

- Daily good news and positive affirmations

- Chat function to talk about their state of wellbeing

- listed information about therapists nearby

While knowing that an app can never substitute actual therapy, we thought that a mental health app would be a first step to normalizing the topic.

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