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Branding, Social Media, Projectmanagement


A project from:

Creative Industries Styria


Supervisor & Co-Curator -

Karl Stocker

First aid for design emergencies. The Design-Clinic treated aesthetic and functional problem areas during Designmonat Graz 2022.

"Specialists" from all design domains have invited to their practice in Graz's Girardigasse and treated acute disorders of form and function.

The Design-clinic tool place as a project in the Designmonat Graz 2022, in which an attempt was made with heart and humor to make the topic of design a little more tangible for non-design-savvy people. The term "design" is often seen as superficial beautification. Nevertheless, the wide variation of the design industry is not tangible for many. Changing this, highlighting the importance of design and making it more inclusive – that was the mission of the Design-Clinic.

Because good design is not only beautiful to look at; it lifts the mood, ensures recognition and thus increases the brand image, customer satisfaction and one's own well-being.

The mission:

Making the world a better place through design.

Renowned design experts invited to the "ordination" of the Design Clinic for a free initial consultation and diagnosis to deal with design issues. This initial reception centre for design emergencies was located at Girardigasse 1 in Graz. A number of professionals received patients with acute or chronic design problems there – by appointment or, in urgent cases, without an appointment. The range of tasks of the Design-Clinic included initial diagnosis, examination, coaching and treatment planning of major design problems that cannot be solved on an ad hoc basis.

The specialists:

Designers worked together closely with the shared common mission of making the world a better place for everyone through the treatment of failed designs. They offered their expertise in the most diverse areas and covered a wide range of the design industry: interior, product design, furniture, graphics, illustration, identity & brand, website, public space, wayfinding, green space design as well as strategy and coaching. Among the qualified specialist staff is the who's who of the domestic design scene.

My role in this project
The idea for the project came from the two creative minds Eberhard Schrempf and Karl Stocker. I was brought on board as a project manager and was responsible for the entire appearance (branding, interior design, merchandise, etc.), as well as the conception and creation of social media content and web contributions. In addition, I was responsible for the ongoing communication with all those involved, the coordination of appointments and events that came about in the design clinic.

The Design Clinic took place for the first time in 2022 and immediately caused a sensation. Many curious people walked through the doors of the clinic every day, informed themselves or made an appointment. The project was well received and aims to expand internationally in the coming years in order to make the topic of "design" more present and tangible all over the world.

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