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Ju Schnee x Motel a Miio

Collaboration, Promotion, Video production

Motel a Miio teamed up with Ju Schnee to create unique vases and candle holders. To promote the launch, a video was created to showcase them. 

Apart from helping out on set I mainly worked on the set design and helped put everything together.

To see the full video, click here


CLIENT Motel a Miio x Ju Schnee PRODUCTION no.odds AGENCY Haebmau.Atelier CREATIVE PRODUCER Timo Großmann DIRECTOR Sandro Jäger DOP Patrick Pichler 1ST AC Saskian Schubert
STEADYCAM OP Henry Gelhart GAFFER Simon Schweizer HAIR Michi Schietzel MAKEUP Leana Ardeleanu
STYLING Jacky Krapf SET-DESIGN Theresa Schwaiger SET ASSISTANT Bettina Janisch FLOWERS heyday Flowers FOTO Svenja Trierscheid EDIT Tim Peters SOUND-DESIGN Patrick Pichler COLORIST Mai Lasan
MUSIC My Ugly Clementine - Never Be Yours ACTRESS: Lena Stoschus, Angie Helena Tutlewski, Grace Don
ACTORS Terence Munzemba, Joachim Felix Konde CATERING Kernvoll LOCATION Prince Charles

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