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Project management and moderation

It is a tradition that at the end of third year the students from Information Design at the FH JOANNEUM put together an exhibition to showcase their work. 

Because of lockdown, we had to get a bit creative...

Because of lockdown we decided to make a kind of virtual exhibition: a website where all final project from all majors are put to show.  This was a group work of all students. While still working on the individual projects we also managed to put up:

- A website

- run social media

- create posters and flyers

- make stickers usable on Telegram

- Instagram Filters

- put up a Studio-Set for the Livestream

- put up a Livestream

It was a lot of work, that also needed coordination. As someone who enjoys having a good overview over everything, I took on the challenge of coordinating the process and did my very best to ensure things were running smoothly. 

Apart from that, I also took on the part of moderating part of the livestream to present my major, Interaction Design.

Click your way through the following links to see what we came up with in such a short time:

FLU-ID Website



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